Buying Wine?

In this day and age, buying wine is a complicated matter. So many labels from so many vineyards, so many types of grapes. What can you do? Well after some research and with the help of one of my sons who bottled wine in California for a while, I found out a simple rule of thumb.  It is not a science nor a rule but it works in most cases. Some wines require a great deal of aging before they can be enjoyed, however, there is one type of grape that is not necessarily in that category. That is the Pinot family of grapes better known to us all as Pinot Grigio (white wine) or Pinot Noir (red wine). Since these wines can be enjoyed quite young, 2 years and under, the price the vintner has to charge for their aging is greatly reduced. So, if you select a wine from a known good region like Sonoma Valley or better yet Napa Valley, you will probably end up with a palatable wine that is affordable (circa $6.00-$8.00/ bottle). Napa wines are somewhat more pricey than Sonoma wines. Try one and when you like it stick to it. Remember the “rule of thumb” is your wine tab should never be more than 30% of your meal

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    By: David Harari

    David Harari’s experience in the financial world spans well over two decades ranging from: hedging currency to financial advisor to broker and now, as President of his own independent personal consulting firm, with no product sales. David studied in Europe (where he found his calling for finance in Switzerland). David has attended the University of the Americas Business Administration School and has passed the Series 7, 63, 65 financial exams and a General lines Insurance License Group 1 exam (which includes: Life, Health, HMO, Long Term Care and Disability). David has founded his company to provide a “kinder side” to the industry as he strongly feels that individuals, with proper guidance, can make their own decisions. Since his company has no product sales this takes all conflict of interest out of the equation.

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