Money Coaching is a neuroscience approach that explores the psychological aspect of money. How do our past and present experiences with money influence you today? During the course of our lives we are taught how to cope with daily situations, but we are never told how to deal with money. We may feel guilty about making money and boycott our progress or discover a hidden potential we never considered possible. Having too much money can sometimes be as challenging as not having enough. Having a positive attitude is a catalyst to achieving a successful result. Learn how to deal with, earn and preserve wealth. Money coaching takes a very high level overview of our needs. Our feelings and attitude towards money are intrinsically linked to our success. Feeling restricted ? Start your coaching journey today. It’s never too late to feel the healing, cathartic experience of being coached. Including disciplines like Ho’ oponopono and Meditation, if you wish, all coming from a compassionate non-judgmental stance.