Having good credit is a paradox. If you lived all your life buying only that which you can afford paying out of a cash reserve account and never borrowing money. You would assume that you would have good credit, and yet, alas! It is not so.

Unless you go into debt, borrowing money to purchase those things you need. You will not have a credit history and thus you will not have good credit. In fact, you will have no credit. Good or bad. Absurd we know.

Form the moment youngsters, still in college, go into the financial world, they are confronted with the need to open up credit cards, thrown at them by the financial institutions they will later be indebted to. And if they pay on a timely basis with the corresponding interest added, instead of eliminating the debt, more money is thrown at them in the form of an ever higher credit limit. Thus the debt is being serviced and the amount continues to grow. Creating more and more debt albeit with excellent credit. One can now purchase just about anything increasing an ever growing debt. Individuals feel trapped, often feeling not worthy.

But you have good credit! Do you see the irony? What our financial system has created is a consumerism’s dream. If you had the money to completely pay off your debt to never ever borrow money or never use credit, you would find your credit score would be lowering. Madness.

What can you do? You have amassed a huge debt and need to save for other goals but your debt servicing amount is making it very difficult.

That is where a good debt demise program can be so very useful. Harrow Financial has that software and strategies to help you lower your debt, maintain your good credit or build it and at the same time help you reach other goals.

We have experience taking clients from the deep stronghold of debt to a successful, calm and happy retirement (or any other goals) and help you stay there as long as needed.

Please go to the “contact us” tab so we can , in a no commitment basis, show you our strategies. You have nothing to loose except your stifling debt. You owe it to yourself, and no one else!

We are money coaches. We understand.