Accepting or transferring risk. You can have the assets and be self insured or you can transfer the risk you may be facing to an insurance company, and, for pennies on the dollar cover a possible shortfall. Or you may opt to have no insurance at all. Although we would not recommend this, it is certainly your privilege. Although not a rule, conventional wisdom tells us that there are certain Insurance needs that become apparent as one goes through life’s different stages. When one is first employed and become independent from one’s family, it becomes important to protect one’s income and profession. So it makes sense to acquire Disability Insurance. At this point health Insurance becomes important as well. When you form a family and get married and have children, it becomes important to think about Life Insurance. There are many types of life Insurance. What is right for you will be determined by affordability and your own personal preferences. This will also serve as an Estate Planning tool if used properly. Property and casualty Insurance should be considered depending on individual needs. Long Term Care Insurance is next, assuring you will be taken care of in your golden years if certain conditions should arise. This a gross oversimplification of Insurance products for more information contact us through our links or respond to this blog entry,  and we’ll be happy to assist in any way you want.

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    By: David Harari

    David Harari’s experience in the financial world spans well over two decades ranging from: hedging currency to financial advisor to broker and now, as President of his own independent personal consulting firm, with no product sales. David studied in Europe (where he found his calling for finance in Switzerland). David has attended the University of the Americas Business Administration School and has passed the Series 7, 63, 65 financial exams and a General lines Insurance License Group 1 exam (which includes: Life, Health, HMO, Long Term Care and Disability). David has founded his company to provide a “kinder side” to the industry as he strongly feels that individuals, with proper guidance, can make their own decisions. Since his company has no product sales this takes all conflict of interest out of the equation.

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